What is Sortly?

Sortly is an easy, mobile inventory management solution trusted by over 20,000 businesses.

With Sortly, you can track, organize, and manage your inventory—from any device, in any location. It’s so simple and intuitive that you can track inventory in minutes.

Sortly comes equipped with smart features like barcoding & QR coding, low stock alerts, customizable folders, data-rich reporting, customizable access, and more. Manage inventory from your smartphone in real time—whether on the job, in the warehouse, or on the go. Track inventory, supplies, parts, tools, equipment, and anything else that matters to your business.

Whether you’re just getting started with inventory management or an expert looking for a better solution, Sortly can transform how you manage inventory!


- Any device, any location

- Mobile barcode & QR code scanning

- Barcode & QR code label generation

- Custom folders

- Custom fields & tags

- Low stock alerts

- Date-based alerts

- Item photos

- Inventory reporting

- Customizable user access

- Offline access

- Automatic syncing across all devices, all users

- Easy inventory import

- Excellent customer support



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