What types of custom fields can I create?

You can create custom fields to track any item or folder related details. Adding a custom field is possible only on the Desktop version of Sortly.

Note: Sortly Free plan users can up to 1 custom field, Sortly Advanced plan users can add up to 10 custom fields, and Ultra & Enterprise customers can add unlimited custom fields.

This article details the types of custom fields. To add a custom field, please review this article.


Sortly users can currently create up to 12 different types of custom fields -

1. Small text box (190 character limit): Alphanumeric (eg. Customer ID, Product SKU, etc).

2. Large large box (4000 character limit): Alphanumeric (eg. Status updates, instructions, notes, details). The content within this field is not searchable within the app.

3. Number field (rounded): Number without decimals. (eg. quantity, count, etc.)

4. Number field (with decimal points): Number with decimal points (eg. Price, measurements like volume, area, length, etc.)

5. Checkbox: To highlight status. Can be selected or deselected. (eg. damaged, repaired, lent, sold)

6. (NEW) Dropdown: Add up to 20 options in the dropdown list

7. Date & time selector: Select Date & Time (eg. Sold Date, Expiry Date, Purchase date, etc.). With this custom field, you will also be able to add date-based reminder alerts. Please see this article for more information on adding these alerts.

8. Scanner: Scan and associate 1D and 2D barcodes

9. Weblink: Add a link to a website

10. Phone Number: Add a phone number

11. Email: Add an email

12. File Attachment: Attach word, excel, or PDF files to your items or folders. Please note, this custom field is only available to Sortly Ultra users. 

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