Adding Users and Setting Permissions

Sortly simplifies working with a team by allowing you to give team members, employees or customers access to a specific section of your inventory. This way, they see or interact with only the items that are relevant to them.

Sortly supports three types of users. Owners and Admins will have complete access to all folders in your account. When you add a “member,” they cannot see any information until given access by an owner or admin. Members can be given view-only or edit and update permissions.

Note: Adding users and assigning permissions is only available in Sortly Advanced and Ultra plans. The Sortly Free plan does not support multi-user access.


In this article, we will outline:


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When adding a new user, you must select what level of permission they will get. There are three different kinds of user permissions as listed below:

1. Owner - Access to all folders and settings

2. Admin - Access to all folders but limited settings (cannot add/manage users or update billing information) 

3. Member - Access to single or multiple folders. Members can be assigned "edit" or "read-only" access for each folder you want them to access. See screenshots below to give a "member" access to folders. 

How to Set Permissions for the Member Role

1. Click on the Settings icon on the folder menu and select Manage Team


2. Click on the Invite User button



3. Enter User Information and choose the User Role of Team Member. Then, choose which Folders you want the user to have access to:


4. Click the ADD button next to the Folder you want the User to have access to. Then, choose if you want them to have View Only or Edit access. You can also revoke any previous permissions from this section:


5. Click the SEND INVITE button and the user will receive an email invite. Once the user accepts the invite, the status will change from Pending Invitation to Accepted.


If a user is not receiving the email invite and the status is still Pending Invitation, please have them check their Spam/Junk folder. If they cannot locate the email, please reach out to for assistance.


User Seat Quantities by Plan Type

There may be times when you need to add additional user seats to your plan. In these instances, you can navigate to Manage Team. Then, click on Add Seat in the upper right-hand corner:




Number of User Seats Available by Plan

  • Free Plan - 1 User Seat and cannot add additional seats
  • Advanced Plan - 3 User Seats and can add up to 6 additional seats
  • Ultra Plan - 5 User Seats and can add up to 4 additional seats
  • Enterprise Plan - 10 User Seats and can add unlimited additional seats

If you are unable to add seats in-app, please reach out to for assistance.



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