How to share my Sortly inventory with Customers?

You can share inventory with your customers (if needed) by adding them as a new user within Sortly. Each paid Sortly plan can support a total of 9 users before you are considered Enterprise level. Advanced plans include 3 users, and an additional 6 extra users are able to be added. Ultra plans include 5 users, and an additional 4 extra users are able to be added. Additional users are $3 per user / per month if you are on a month-to-month plan and $30 per user / per year if you are billed annually.

To see how to create a new user click here.

All customers should be given a "member" role. To see how to give a "member" access to a specific folder and assign permissions (edit or read-only) click here

Note: Adding users and assigning permissions is only available in Sortly Advanced and Ultra plans. The Sortly Free plan does not support multi-user access.

Without giving Sortly access

If you don't wish to give your customers a login, you are able to export CSV/Excel or PDF reports and send those directly to your clients and customers to share information about the inventory you have on hand. To see how to export reports, please click here.

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