What are the Upcoming Features of Sortly?

We are constantly adding useful new features to Sortly to keep making the process of inventory management easier for small businesses. (scroll down to see upcoming features..)

Upcoming Features

  1. Advanced permissions - Permission access at lower level folders
  2. Integration with 3rd party systems like accounting systems like Quickbooks, Xero, etc

Released (Q1 2020)

  1. Filter items with alerts set in Advanced Search
  2. Set bulk alerts on web and mobile
  3. Add minimum quantities on items
  4. View alert notifications in mobile
  5. View Activity history on mobile
  6. Handheld/Bluetooth scanner compatibility for Ultra users

Released (Q4 2019) 

  1. Generate custom barcodes (on Ultra Plan only)
  2. QR/Barcode label refresh -  Additional QR label sizes. Add logo, photo or custom fields on labels
  3. Support for label printers -  eg: Dymo printers
  4. Export pdf or .csv reports on mobile

Released (Q3 2019) 

  1. Create Dropdown type custom fields
  2. Export New types of PDF reports
  3. Advanced merging & cloning capabilities 
  4. Dashboard on web & mobile

Released (March 2019)

  1. API Access (Beta): Ultra users can connect with our API
  2. File Attachments : Ultra users can add file attachments to items

  3. Improved Alerts Reports

Released (January 2019)

  1. Advanced Search & Reporting: Ability to sort/filter/export custom lists
  2. Advanced activity history and reports : View, track and export activity reports 

2018 Updates & Releases

  1. Customizable PDF Reports: Generate a custom PDF report (ALBUM TYPE) that include the fields that are relevant to you. Give the report a name and show summaries too. 
  2. Sortly ID's - Unique Sortly identifiers to help organize and search your items better.

  3. Android App!!!: The Sortly Android app is now available 
  4. Bulk Editing: Instantly change item/folder details across multiple items in a just a few clicks.

  5. Barcode Autofill : Lookup and autofill items detail by scanning barcodes in seconds.

  6. Dropbox (Export) Integration: Seamlessly backup all your images and CSV data directly to Dropbox.
  7. Clone Feature (Duplicate): Instantly duplicate any folder or item on the desktop or mobile app using the clone button in the item menu. 

  8. Customizable CSV Export: Pick and choose the fields that are relevant to you when exporting a CSV.

  9. Stock level Alerts (Item quantity based alerts) - Get notified when item quantities hit certain thresholds. (Eg. Low stock alerts)
  10. Date based Alerts - Get reminded of important dates related to your items (Eg: Expiry date alert, item return date reminder)
  11. New Custom Field Types - Now track weblinks, phone numbers and emails in custom fields. 
  12. Universal Search (on desktop) -Get the added flexibility to search for items across your inventory by name, tags, custom fields and more.
  13. Partial Move on Desktop - Now instantly move single, all or partial quantities of items.
  14. Quick Actions (Using Scanner) - Effortlessly scan items to change quantity, edit details, add tags or duplicate items.
  15. Barcodes and QR labels enabled - Scan and connect any existing barcode or QR labels with Sortly
  16. Check-out feature (Quick Move) - Quickly scan and check-out single or multiple items instantly.
  17. International Currencies - now supported
  18. Give customers access -  by adding them as a user and giving them access to only their folder.
  19. Bulk import - via CSV (Excel)
  20. Export inventory - via CSV (Excel) or PDF
  21. Generate QR labels directly - from item or folder details screen 

We would like to hear from you if you have any feature suggestions, or if you have any thoughts or questions about any of the features to help us prioritize feature releases.

Email us at support@sortly.com

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