How to update your inventory with Sortly?

The ideal way to update your inventory is by "moving" items from one folder to another. Instead of adding and subtracting items in your list (which is also possible), we recommend you move items between folders to reflect their movement in the real world. This can be performed on the desktop or mobile app and also using our built in-scanner

This way you can see what you have in stock, what you have given out (or sold), and see who has it.

See the video below:


Below is a simplified example (with screenshots) to demonstrate how it works:-

1. Start by creating folders called "Available Inventory" and "Out/Sold" (or "Rented out" if you are renting items). 



2. When items are "out" or "sold", all you need to do is select the relevant item and click the "move" button


3. Next. Choose what quantity of the item you want to move and then select the relevant destination folder you want to move them to.

Note: if you are moving total quantity you will get the option to leave "0" quantity of the item in the original folder. 


Note: If you want to track items being given to specific customers or places you can create sub-folders for each of those within the "out/sold" folder and "move" items into the appropriate folder.

See examples of sub-folders below. 



4. If you want to track and move items using QR codes or Barcodes you can do so using the "quick scan and move" button on the mobile app

It works similar to a check-out scanner at the grocery (but with a little more flexibility). Learn more about the "quick scan and move" feature here.  



5. To update returning items, you can use the same process to move them back from the "out" folder to your "available inventory" folder. 



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