What Size QR labels Can I Create Using Sortly?

You can create 7 different sizes of QR labels in Sortly based on what type of printer you use. See sizes below:


Sizes corresponding to US Letter:


Extra Large - 5 1/2in x 8 1/2in

Large - 3 1/3in X 4in (6 labels per sheet)

Medium - 2in X 4in (10 labels per sheet)

Medium (Tall) - 2in x 4in

Small - 1 1/3 X 4in (14 labels per sheet)

Extra Small - 1in X 2 5/8in (30 labels per sheet)

Micro - 1in x 1in


International sizes corresponding to A4 Sheet(for our international customers):


Sizes corresponding to Label Printer (For all customers worldwide):


Note: Creating custom QR labels is only possible with Sortly paid plans. The Sortly Free plan does not support the creation of custom QR labels.

For a full list of labels and sizes, please click here.


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