What type of 3rd party barcodes and QR labels are supported by Sortly?

You can connect most commonly available barcode and QR codes to your items (or folders) in Sortly.

You can connect them one at a time by scanning them using the mobile app (using the "link QR or barcode label" button on the item screen) or by importing them in bulk using CSV import.  

Types of barcode and QR codes supported by Sortly 

1 org.iso.Code128  Code 128 - 1D Barcode (if you're unsure of the barcode type, use this)
2 org.gs1.UPC-E  UPC Code - 1D Barcode
3 org.iso.Code39  Code 39 - 1D Barcode
4 org.iso.Code39Mod43  Code 39 WITH mod43 checksum - 1D Barcode
5 org.gs1.EAN-13  EAN 13 - 1D Barcode
6 org.gs1.EAN-8 EAN 8 - 1D Barcode
7 com.intermec.Code93  Code 93 - 1D Barcode
8 org.ansi.Interleaved2of5 ITF - 1D Barcode
9 org.iso.QRCode  QR Code - 2D Barcode
10 org.iso.PDF417  PD417 - 2D Barcode
11 org.iso.Aztec  Aztec - 2D Barcode



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