Data or Photos not syncing between devices?

In the event that you are running into issues where you have recently updated or added a photo or updated data in relation to an item and you are not seeing it reflect on the web version of Sortly or your Mobile app, you may be having issues with syncing your data. Below, you can see the process for syncing your data. 


Please note: When closing the mobile app or quitting the app altogether, a full sync will start when you resume your session. This could take some time depending on how many items you have in your inventory.


Please check the status of the sync in the 3 hash tab seen below (shown below):


Settings >> Sync Inventory >> Start Sync

In case, the "Last synchronized" time is a while ago, please press "Sync Now".


In case the above does not work, please try the steps below to resolve the issue:

1) Ensure that you are connected to the internet (wifi is better than using the phone's data) and that there are no connectivity issues.

2) Make sure that the user(s) has the appropriate permission the view the data

- "Members" need to be given explicit permission to view data in folders

- If you have a member account, please contact the account owner to ensure they have provided you access to the folder.

- See how to assign permissions here.

3) Please update the app to the latest version from the App or Play Store.

4) If you have the latest version of the app - Please press "Full Sync" to force the app to sync. You will find the button in (More tab > Settings > "Full Sync").  Doing a full sync will set a baseline for the app allowing you to increase or decrease quantity with ease based on that base level. 

5) Please go to and confirm if the files are available on the web interface. If you are already logged in on the computer, please refresh the page.

6) On the web interface, please check your trash icon on the bottom left of the screen and confirm that the files weren't accidentally deleted by your organization's user.

 7) If data is still not syncing please email us at -

If there is no new data on the phone that has not synced and you are experiencing issues, you are able to logout and log back in to reset the app. CAUTION: Please use caution when doing this, as it will delete any information stored locally on the device that has not yet been uploaded to the cloud.

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