What is an entry? How are they calculated?

Entries are how Sortly calculates the amount of information you can add to your account based on the plan you've selected. Every unique item or folder (based on Sortly ID) counts as an entry.

Sortly free users have 100 unique entries available to them, Sortly Advanced users have 2,000 unique entries to them, Sortly Ultra users have 10,000 unique entries available to them, and Sortly Enterprise users have unlimited entries. This is the number of entries your account supports at any given time, although you can always delete items to free up space if you need more entries.

Quick Facts:

  • The item quantity does not affect the entry count.
  • Item clones that share an SID do not affect entry count.
  • Every folder counts as an entry. Every folder is considered unique. No two folders can have the same Sortly ID.
  • Variants with unique SIDs count toward your entry limit


  • Item A (0 quantity) + Item B (0 quantity) = 2 entries
  • Item A (7 quantity) + Item A (5 quantity) + Item B (20 quantity) = 2 entries
  • Folder Y + Folder Z + Item A (100 quantity) = 3 entries


You can always find your current entry count in the billing info section (https://app.sortly.com/billing-info) of the web app.

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