Downgrade or Upgrade your Sortly Plan

As a Sortly user, you can pick between three paid plans based on which one best fits your business needs.

To view our current plans and pricing, please visit: 

You can downgrade or upgrade your plan by following this link:


You can upgrade your plan at any time by clicking the Upgrade button. If you are upgrading from the free plan, you will need a valid credit card to start the trial. Your credit card will be charged only after the trial period ends.



Once you upgrade, the features available in the tier you have selected will immediately become available.

Please note: To upgrade to the Enterprise plan, click here.


To downgrade your plan, you will need to meet the limits of the lower plan to which you wish to downgrade. A downgrade button will only be available to click on if you meet the plan limits for a lower tier.

Plan Limits

SORTLY FREE PLAN: To enable downgrading to Free Plan from any paid plans

  • 100 or fewer entries
  • 1 or fewer custom fields
  • No attachment type custom field
  • 1 user 

SORTLY ADVANCED PLAN: To enable downgrading to Advanced Plan from Ultra Plan

  • 2000 or fewer entries
  • 10 or fewer custom fields
  • No attachment type custom field

If you have any questions about upgrading or downgrading, please reach out to


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