Adding photos to your Sortly items or folders

With Sortly, your inventory is further enhanced by the ability to add photos from the desktop or app to make identifying items a breeze. You can add up to 8 photos per image in your inventory as well as a photo for any folders you create.

Below are steps on how to add photos from each location as well as some common photo-related questions.

Size dimensions

Sortly allows for images up to 1080p on the longest side. If the photo was taken in portrait, this will be on the vertical side. If the photo was taken in landscape, this will be on the horizontal side.

The small thumbnail that displays next to the item details in the available views will crop the photo to 100x100 and use the direct center of the image. Unfortunately, you cannot select the thumbnail you wish to capture at this time.

Adding (And Editing) Photos from the Web

Adding Photos to the web within the item

To edit an item, simply click on the item. This will take you into the edit view of the item within Sortly. 


Once in item details, select the "plus" icon below the photos section.


Select the photo from your computer that you wish to upload. 

Click "Open"

On the web, you will also have the option to edit your photos once added. You will need to be in the item's "edit" mode and ensure you've clicked on the pencil icon on the photo itself to get to the photo edit screen.

Click "Save and Close" on the top right of your Sortly web interface once the item has loaded.

Adding photos to the web via CSV Import

If you have a publicly available link for the photo, you are able to add it to the CSV import when you are bulk uploading. Please note: This will only be an option if you are using the Expert template to upload.

You can access the CSV import page by visiting the settings page, or you can follow this link.


Adding Photos from the App

You can add photos directly from the app as well as reorder your photos. 

Click on the item so that you are in the "Edit Item" view and then click on the current photo or the area where the placeholder for a photo exists.


You will be taken to a screen that says "Photo Preview" at the top. 

  • Gray "+" icon will allow you to add more photos, up to 8 total.
  • Rearrange icon will allow you to reorder your photos.
  • Delete/trashcan icon will allow you to delete a photo.
  • "Save to photos" will allow you to download a copy of the photo on your device.


When adding a photo, you can choose from existing photos on your phone's library, or you can take a new photo with your camera.


Once you have your photos added and arranged in the order you'd like, you can click "Done" in the photo window and then "Save" before exiting out of the item.

If you want to make additional changes or edits to your photos, please head over to from a computer.


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