Why are my items with the same SID not merging?

Items with identical information that share the same SID should automatically merge as long as they are in the same folder. When an item is in a different folder and custom fields, notes, alerts, or other item-related properties are added/changed, this will affect the item's ability to merge.

When you attempt to re-add this item to its original folder, it will remain separate from other items that share the same SID in the folder because the item details are now different.


When you view the similar items in the folder, they will show as two separate items with the summarize view toggled off as shown below:




If you do want the items to be returned as a single item and have the quantity update, you are able to merge these items together.

How to merge:

  1. To select the item that you wish to merge into another item, click the vertical ellipsis (...) and then select Merge while viewing the item within the folder. This item will lose its unique item details and become part of the item it's being merged into.mceclip2.png
  2. Sortly will recognize the two items you want to merge together have differences, and you will see the pop-up below appear on your screen. 
  3. You need to select from the items available within that folder that share the same SID, which item you want to merge into, and click Continue.mceclip5.png
  4. You will need to confirm that you want to merge the items into a single item. Sortly will tell you which fields do not match in the merged items and confirm you understand the merge action cannot be undone. In this instance, the Tag field does not match. If you wish to proceed and merge the items, please click Confirmmceclip4.png
  5. Sortly will show a confirmation screen to let you know the merge was successful. You will see the two previously separate items now showing as a single item with the quantity updated, and they will now share the item details for the item they were merged into. mceclip6.png


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