How to update your password in Sortly

In the event that you need to update your password, Sortly makes it very easy to accomplish this. Follow the steps below to update your password through your Sortly backend:

  • Log in to your Sortly dashboard through
  • Once in the dashboard click on the settings panel seen here:


  • Once on the settings tab, click on the tab that says 'User Profile' (
  • Once in the User profile section, go down to the button at the very bottom of the page. You should see a button called: 'CHANGE OR RESET PASSWORD'


  • Click on that button and you will see a pop-up window show:


  • Here you can use your current password and fill out the below fields to confirm a new password.
  • If you do not remember your current password, you can click on the 'Reset It' button and you will get an email.
  • The email will look like this: 


  • Click on the 'Change My Password' text and you should be redirected to a password reset screen:


  • Once you have made your password, hit the 'reset password' button and you will be good to go.
  • Your password is now updated. You will need to login through both the web and mobile with your new credentials.
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