Sortly Plus Legacy Users

Recently, Sortly has consolidated its consumer and business apps into one user experience. While we are no longer offering new consumer subscriptions for home inventory, we are supporting our existing free consumer users and those who have Sortly Plus subscriptions.

Quick Facts:

  • If you were previously a Sortly Plus user, you are grandfathered in at your old yearly or monthly rate
  • If you were a free Sortly consumer user, unfortunately, you will not have the option to upgrade to Sortly Plus any longer.

All users of the Sortly platform will be able to access their information via the following links:


iOS App:

Android App:

Issues migrating account to the new Sortly:

If you are a Sortly Plus user and are encountering difficulties while updating your information, please follow the steps below:

  1. Please head on over to from a desktop or laptop computer to login and complete the account update process there. 
  2. You should then be able to login on the app and have full functionality. If you are still being prompted to update on the app, please confirm that all of your information is available at, and you can go ahead and delete and reinstall the app if needed. Again, please do not delete your app until you've confirmed that all information is available on the web version.
  3. Once your account is updated, you will then be able to login on the web at but you will still utilize the same app on your mobile device, just with an updated look and feel.
  4. If you experience issues or still cannot update your information, please reach out to us at
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