Using Advanced Search to show item summaries that share SIDs

Using Advanced Search on the web at, it's now possible to group items that share the same SID together across your search parameters. With this new feature, it becomes much easier to find the same item that exists in multiple folders.

Items will share the same SID if you have moved a portion of a quantity to another folder or if you have cloned an item.

When you are using the Advanced Search feature, you can still filter within folders, by tags, custom fields, etc. In the example below, our search is initially sorted by name based on the filters we selected on the left.


With the more robust summaries feature, you can select "show summaries" which will automatically find items that share the same SID within your search criteria and group them together. 

On the right of the item, you will see the number of items that share a SID.


If you want to drill down, you can click on the "results" to see each of the items and where they live within your inventory.


If you need to make any changes to these items in aggregate, you can select "select" at the top of the screen and make bulk changes or edits to these items.

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