Payment Issues + Refund Requests

Our official refund policy is available as part of our Terms of Service.

When signing up for Sortly, you have the opportunity to select month-to-month payments or annual payments to find the plan that best suits your needs.

If you delete or downgrade your account after a payment has processed, your subscription sets to expire at the end of the current billing cycle. For month-to-month customers, this will be the date the next monthly charge is set to process. For yearly subscribers, this will be the date the next yearly charge is set to process.

We understand that sometimes, circumstances change or that you may want to request a refund in specific instances.

If a payment has processed and you are seeking a refund, please reach out to us at with the email address associated with your Sortly account or the invoice number provided on the billing email you received. We will be happy to review your refund request.

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