Watch Full Sortly Product Walkthrough on Demand

While we'd love for you to join a live weekly webinar so that we can answer any questions you have via live chat, we understand that this is only possible for some. If you'd like to check out a pre-recorded webinar from one of our live sessions, we welcome you to take a look below!

In this recorded tutorial, we will cover the basics of both the web software as well as utilizing the Sortly app on a mobile device.

Key topics covered:

  • Cataloging/setting up your inventory
  • Creating custom fields
  • Setting up alerts or minimum quantities
  • Generating QR codes or barcodes for items
  • Moving items between available and sold/lent/rented/used folders
  • Generating reports

If you still have questions after reviewing the recorded webinar, please feel free to contact us at for additional assistance.

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