How to generate Barcode Labels in Sortly for standard printers on web

If you are a Sortly Ultra user, you can generate beautiful barcode labels that can connected to any of your items in Sortly. 

If you are not a Sortly Ultra user but would like to upgrade to take advantage of this feature, please click here.

Please note: If you are printing barcodes, you will need to do so from a laser printer or a label printer. You can find recommended laser printers here although this is not an exhaustive list.

Please see the video below for a walkthrough of how to generate QR labels and barcode labels for your folders and items here:

Steps to create Sortly barcode labels on your Desktop and mobile can be seen below:

Step 1: Select single or multiple items/folders that you would like to use when creating this label.

Step 2: Once the items are selected and select the 3 dots and then select the option to create label.


Once you indicate you want to "Create Label," you will be taken to the steps where you pick the paper size and label size.


Step 2: Select paper size

Note: Sortly will recommend the correct Avery label sheets based on your selections for paper size and label size. You can purchase the blank (pre cut) label sticker sheet through Amazon by clicking on the link (if needed). 


Step 3: Select label size

Please note: For printing barcodes on standard laser printers, you will only be able to print in the medium or small label size.


Unlike QR code generation for printers, you will not be able to include additional item details, item photos, company logo, or additional notes with your barcodes.

Step 4: Once you've selected your paper size and label size, please click "Next"

Step 5: Select from the printing options presented on the next page


Label quantity: Print multiples of the same labels

Label start position: If you have a partially used sheet of labels, select where you'd like printing to begin to reduce label waste.

Printing Instructions: Check whether you'd like to have a sheet with label instructions generate within the PDF.

Send copy to email: We recommend having a copy of the PDF you generate sent to your email for future printing needs.

Step 10: Click "Generate Labels" and a PDF of your labels will be downloaded. You will then open the PDF and print out the labels onto Avery paper using your standard printer or label printer.


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