Dashboard Overview

Sortly users can take advantage of the dashboard on both the desktop and the mobile apps. The dashboard view is going to have information for the following categories: 

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Accessing the Dashboard

To access the Dashboard you can go to the following URL: https://app.sortly.com/dashboard. 

Web View:



If you are on the mobile app, you can go to the dashboard tab seen below:

Mobile View:



Below is a breakdown of each section on both web and mobile so you can get the most out of your Sortly Dashboard.

Inventory Summary

Inventory Summary will showcase the number of items that you have, the total number of folders that you have, the total quantity of items in your inventory, and finally the total value of the designated folder. You have the ability to select what folder you would like to see the stats for. You can click into one of two places seen here:


When you click on either of these buttons above, you can then see a pop-up open on the right-hand side which will open the folder view:


Web View:



Mobile View:


Here, you are able to see high-level stats by selecting the desired folder. Once you have selected this folder, you will see the numbers reflected for that folder.

Recent Activity

The recent activity field will show the most recent items that you have worked on within the system. You will see under the recent activity the name of the item and what action has been performed. To the right, you will see the name of the user who made the change and then a timestamp for when the item was changed, and then the date. 


You also have additional parameters if you want to see a specific action performed by clicking on the gear icon next to 'All Activity'. When you click on this the following options will display: mceclip9.png

Select any filters that you would like to pull in the recent activity tab and this will automatically update based on this filter.

Recent Items

The recent items pane will show the most recent items that have been worked on within the system. You will see the nine most recent items that have been edited. You can click on the images of the item to go straight to that item. 


Web View:


Mobile View:


Stock Levels

Stock Levels will show the current levels of stock that you have on hand based on the threshold that you have set. In this example, any item that has a quantity of 0 - 5 has been highlighted in this example. This lets you know that based on this threshold that our inventory currently has 37 items that have a quantity of 5 or below. If you hover over any of the items you can see where the item is located in the breadcrumb trail.


Web View:



Mobile View:



Finally, if you hover over the item, you will be able to hover over the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the item and make any changes that you would be able to when editing an item on that tab. 


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