Can I use a handheld scanner?

Sortly now offers the ability for you to use your very own handheld scanner with not only the web solution but the mobile app as well. This handheld scanner is treated the same way as what you would see at a drug store or convenience store.

Currently, the use of handheld scanners is limited to users who are on the Ultra version of the software. To check what plan you are currently on, you can go to the following link:

You can also see if you are on the Ultra version of the plan by navigating to the items tab and viewing the search bar seen here:


If you see the scanner button as all white, this means your version of the software has the ability to use the handheld scanner. 

To use the scanner, you can click on the scanner button. Once this button has been clicked, the scanning mode is enabled. You should be able to begin using your handheld scanner. This will look like the following:



If you are looking for a scanner to add to your Sortly account, we recommend going with the following scanner

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