Supported Handheld Scanners

Users on the Ultra or Enterprise version of the software have the ability to use Bluetooth handheld scanners to scan items in and out of our platform easily. While we offer a scanner built into our mobile app, we also enable scanning functionality for Bluetooth scanners.

Can I use a Handheld Scanner?

Currently, the use of handheld scanners is limited to users who are on the Ultra and Enterprise versions of the software. To check your current plan, you can go to the following link:

You can also see if you are on the Ultra or Enterprise version of the plan by navigating to the items tab and viewing the search bar:


If you see the scanner button as all-white, your version of the software can use the handheld scanner. 

To use the scanner, you can click on the scanner button. Once this button has been clicked, the scanning mode is enabled. You should be able to begin using your handheld scanner. 



Supported Scanners

Most industry-specific scanners will work; however, if you would like our recommendation, we recommend the following scanner (ScanAvenger Portable Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner: 3-in-1), as we have tested it extensively. You can see an image of the scanner here:



Alternatively, you could use a smart scanner similar to what UPS/FedEx uses to drop off/pick up a package.  In this instance, you would still need to download the mobile app on the scanner but you could have everything all in one.

Note: The smart scanner would need to operate on Android 10 or above. (Sortly Mobile App - Download and Requirements)

Please take a look at the scanner manufacturer's manual for instructions on how to set up the scanner.


Using the handheld scanner on the web

You can use the handheld scanner in the web version, but you will need to use your mouse & keyboard after scanning. For more information, see the write-up here.


Using the handheld scanner with the mobile app

In the mobile experience, you would still need to use a mobile device to set the initial Quick Action, but then you could begin using the handheld scanner. For more information about using the handheld scanner with the mobile app, click here.



Scanner Compatibility Tips

  • If you are using a scanner outside of the one we recommend, you will need to ensure that your scanner is set to US Keyboard mode. Each scanner will have a manual that contains special barcodes that configure the scanner. You will want to look for the one that sets the keyboard emulation to "US Keyboard" or "US ASCII". You will then want to scan that code to set it on your reader, allowing it to work with Sortly.
  • You also may want to check the barcode reader manufacturer support site to download PDFs of their User Manuals when working with a handheld scanner. 

Setup and Troubleshooting

  • Please ensure your scanner is properly connected and working accurately with your device before scanning - Please follow the instructions provided by your scanner manufacturer to connect the scanner to your device.
  • Enabling Bluetooth scanning on the Sortly app does not assist/enable in connecting your scanner to your device. Once the scanner is connected, it will only allow you to perform searches/actions.
  • If you are scanning QR codes, please ensure you are using a 2D scanner. 1D scanners typically only read barcodes.

As always, should you have any other questions or if you need assistance with your scanner, you can reach out to us here.


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