Push Notifications for Quantity and Date Alerts

From your mobile devices, you can now allow push notifications for quantity and date alerts triggered through Sortly.

Please note, this feature/functionality is only available on version 7.11.0 or newer for the iOS app and Android app.

Enabling Push Notifications

When you update your app, you should be prompted with a request to allow push notifications, as seen below.

You will want to click "Allow" within Sortly (Image 1), and then you will want to select "Allow" again from the popup screen (Image 2).

Lastly, if you need to further customize these settings, you can visit Settings > Notifications > Sortly on your mobile device (Image 3).


Notifications for Quantity Based Alerts

Quantity-based alerts are triggered in real-time, and the popup will include the name of the item as well as the threshold that has been met.


Notifications for Date-Based Alerts

Date-based alerts are triggered according to the user's selected timezone settings and are sent each day (if there are applicable date-based events) at 8 AM local time.


Notes About Setting Up Alerts to Receive Push Notifications

The push notifications option is available to have users receive push updates to their mobile device, but quantity or date-based alerts will still need to be set directly within Sortly for the necessary items.

For more information on setting alerts and reminders, please review our articles on quantity alerts and date alerts.

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