How to Print Multiple Labels (for different items) on One Sheet

When you are working to print labels, you often times would like to print multiple labels for different items at one time within Sortly. We make this process extremely easy for you when using our bulk select tool.

With this tool, you can highlight multiple items or folders at one time and then go through the label creation process. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how you can print multiple labels on one sheet of paper from different items in Sortly. 

  1. To begin, login to your Sortly account via
  2. Once logged in, go into the folder where you would like to print out multiple labels from
  3. When you have the results in front of you, you will want to hover over one of the items and at the top left of the item click into the check box seen here: mceclip0.png
  4. When you select this first box, you will see the bulk actions bar appear (highlighted in the red box).
  5. At this point, you can either manually click on the items to select them (click anywhere on the item) or you can use the item selected dropdown where you can select from All items, This Page, or Clear Selection. You can see this here: mceclip1.png
  6. Once all of the items have been selected, you will then want to click on the 'Create Label' button. When you select this, it is important to note that the individual labels for each item WILL NOT change, but rather this will enable you to have multiple labels of different items on a single sheet. 
  7. You will follow the on screen instructions for creating these labels. Keep in mind that the layout and the fields you select will go across all the selected items on these labels. (The label creation process is a 2 step process).
  8. Once you have finished creating the labels, you will hit the generate labels button and a PDF will be downloaded. You will then open the PDF to verify everything is the way you would like: mceclip2.png
  9. You will notice that all of the items now have a unique SID number. This means the process was completed correctly and you can now print out your labels. 

Should you have any trouble with this process or need any assistance please reach out to

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