How can I View Activity History on mobile?

We have recently launched the ability for you to see your activity history within the mobile app for both Android and iOS. With this, you can now easily manage and track what your users are doing, what items are being changed, a timestamp on the change, and much more. This activity history will mimic the same history that you know and love on the web. 

Activity History Mobile:

  • Open up the mobile app and go to the accordion menu here: 


  • From here you will scroll down until you see the activity history button shown here:


  • Once you click on this option, you will then land on the following screen: 


  • From this tab, you have a few different settings:
    • Date
      • The date field will allow you to enable a specific date range we provide or a custom date range. This will show you the activity that happened over a set period of time.
    • Search
      • Here you can search for specific items, users, and other parameters you may want to see the history for. 
    • Settings
      • This will allow for you to be able to filter by specific things such as items that have been;
        Moved, Edited, Deleted, Created, Restored, Quantity Changed, Merged.
    • Export
      • The last option would be to export this data, you can see an example of this below:


At any point in time, you can export this data for your records into a CSV file. This will give you an itemized list of all changes that have taken place over a set period of time. You can use this for your records or as an audit trail.

As always, if you have any questions on this process or need clarification, you can reach out to us at

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