Low Stock Report

Managing inventory can be a challenging task, and it's important to keep track of stock levels to avoid stockouts and overstocking. Sortly's Low Stock report helps your business stay on top of inventory levels and make informed decisions about restocking. Reviewing low stock reports over time regularly allows you and your team to identify trends and adjust your inventory levels accordingly

Please note that the Low Stock report will only show items if the item has a min level and the min level has been hit for those items. For more information on Min Levels, please click here.

To access the Low Stock report, go to Reports and click on the Inventory Summary tile:


The Low Stock report will show all of the items that are in low stock within your account. You can then filter your data further to customize the report.

To access the Filters, click this icon:

Once you've applied any filters, you can customize how the columns are arranged by clicking on the Edit icon:

When you have the report with the results you desire, you can then click Export:

When you click on Export, you can choose to export as a CSV (default) or Excel file:

From there, you can select what fields you want to display in this exported file. If the fields are checked, they will be included in the file. The fields will be excluded from the file if they are unchecked

For a full overview of our Reporting options, please check out our writeup here: Reports Overview.


As always, if you ever have any questions about reporting or need assistance, please reach out to support@sortly.com





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