How to generate QR labels for single label printers/thermal printers on mobile

With Sortly, you can now print individual labels for QR codes with single label printers/thermal printers. Below will provide steps on how to create the label within Sortly as well as tips to configure your printer.



You can print a QR label from a folder, item, or group of items within Sortly by selecting "Create Label." In order to have the option to print a single/thermal QR label, you will need to select "QR Label" as the Label type, "Label Printer" as the Paper size, and "Medium" as the Label size.



Selecting additional custom options for your label

Withsingle/thermal labels, you will not be able to include a photo or custom notes.

With single/thermal labels, you will be able to include item details or your company logo or icon.


Once you have selected the options you want to include, you can click "NEXT." If the options you selected to not meet the criteria for printing, the "NEXT" button will not be clickable.


Select from the printing options on the next page

Label quantity: Print multiples of the same labels

Printing Instructions: Check whether you'd like to have a sheet with label instructions generate within the PDF.

Send copy to email: We recommend having a copy of the PDF you generate sent to your email for future printing needs.

This will generate a PDF that you can then print from your desktop. To view the steps for printing your PDF from your desktop, click here.


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