How to set up bulk alerts in your Sortly mobile app

Setting up bulk alerts will allow you to easily group together items and set the same parameters across them. In previous versions of Sortly, this was limited to a single item, but we have since addressed this option by allowing you to select multiple items at once and make changes to that grouping of items. 

Let's get started. To select multiple items at once in your mobile app, click the checkbox icon here:


Once the items have been selected, click on the Set Alerts option here:


This will direct you to this page where you can opt to select the alert you would like to set:


Build out the alert setting to your needs and hit confirm when done. Remember that you are able to select different team members to send alerts to in the system if you are on the Advanced or Ultra versions of the software. 


Alerts will then be triggered when the threshold is met. You will see an alert in the app under the alerts tab as well as receive an email for this alert. For more on alerts and the different settings you can choose please go here:

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