Move Summary Report

With Sortly's Move Summary Report, you can easily track inventory that has moved locations on a weekly or monthly basis. You can filter by the origin and destination folders as well as define a date range.

This report will show you the following information:

  • Origin Folder
  • Destination Folder
  • Items Moved
  • Quantity Moved
  • Value


Start by navigating to Reports>Move Summary. 


From there, you will see all the movement. If you want to drill down to a specific folder or time range, you can do that by selecting the highlighted sections below:


If an item has been moved to multiple destinations, you can view the movement for both destinations in one easy view. To see the movement of an item through multiple destination folders, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the item.


You can also swap the view and change the origin and destination folders:

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