Multi-Account Access

Multi-Account Access makes managing your Enterprise accounts a breeze! It connects all your Enterprise accounts into one easy-to-use dashboard. So, instead of juggling between different logins, you can access everything in one place and instantly see what's happening across all your accounts.


Why Use Multi-Account Access?

It's simple: Multi-Account Access gives you more control and clarity. You can set up separate inventory systems for different parts of your business, but you can still access them all seamlessly. It's like having a bird's-eye view of your entire operation, all from one login.

Is It Right for You?

If your business:
- Operates multiple locations with different inventory needs (like a franchise).
- Has departments that handle their own inventory without mixing it up with others.
- Works with contractors who manage their own parts of the business.
- Handles inventory for different clients.


How to Get Multi-Account Access:

If you're already using Enterprise, just schedule a chat with your Customer Success Manager. They'll walk you through it.

If you're not on Enterprise yet, no worries! Just click here to talk to our Enterprise team and see how Multi-Account Access can supercharge your business!

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