Purchase Orders

Sortly’s Purchase Order feature is designed to streamline your procurement process, allowing you to order supplies when needed effortlessly. With Sortly’s user-friendly interface, you can easily compile a purchase order using your existing inventory information.

Sortly makes populating your list with crucial information simple, enabling you to pull in critical details like item photos, names, costs, quantities, and more. Once your order is ready, email the Purchase Order to your supplier to get the necessary supplies.

This feature is available on the Enterprise plan. If you are not an Enterprise customer and want to learn more, please click here.

Purchase Order Overview

On the Purchasing Tab, you will see a list of your Purchase Orders along with the following information:

  • PO Number
  • Created by
  • Submitted by
  • Status - Draft, Ordered, Received
  • Last Updated
  • Ship To
  • Vendor
  • Pricing/Cost Information

Create a Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to Purchasing
  2. Click New Purchase Order
  3. Enter the Purchase Order number and Status
  4. In the Dates section, enter the Order Date, Submitter Name, Date Expected, and Date Received
  5. To add an item to the Purchase Order, type the Item Name in the search field and fill in the additional information.
  6. Continue to the Vendor section and enter the Vendor information
  7. Enter the Ship To and Bill To information. You can either enter this information manually or select an existing saved address (Please see Saving Addresses for information on entering a saved address)
  8. Click Save

Edit a Purchase Order

To edit a purchase order, navigate to the Purchasing tab and click on the Purchase Order you want to edit. Then, click the three dots at the top and choose Edit. From there, enter any updated information. Then click Save, and your Purchase Order will be updated.


Export a Purchase Order

When you are ready to export the Purchase Order to a PDF, navigate to the Purchasing tab, click on the Purchase Order you want to export, and click Export and choose PDF.

A PDF will be saved to your device and will look like this:


Saving Addresses

With this feature, you can create a maximum of 100 addresses and utilize them in your Purchase Orders. If you set an address as the default Billing or Shipping address, it will automatically appear in the Purchase Order. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Addresses and click on New Address
  2. Enter the address and choose if the address is the Default Primary, Shipping, or Billing address, and click Save 
  3. The address will now appear in your Saved Addresses
  4. To enter the address on a Purchase Order, follow the steps to Create a Purchase Order and select the address in either/both the Ship To and Bill To section


If you have any questions, please get in touch with our Support Team here

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