Sortly's Invoicing feature is crafted to enhance your invoicing process, making it easy to generate invoices seamlessly. Utilizing Sortly's intuitive interface, you can effortlessly create an invoice by utilizing your current inventory data.

Once an invoice is created, you can track the payment status, update accordingly, and send the invoice to QuickBooks Online with one click!

We will outline the following:

Invoicing Tab Overview

The Invoicing section of your Sortly account will show the following:

  • A list of your current invoices with Invoice Number, Status, Customer, Date Created, and Last Updated
  • Search Bar to easily search by Invoice Number

Creating an Invoice

  1. Navigate to the Invoicing tab and click on New Invoice.
  2. When creating an Invoice, you can add the Invoice Number, Status, Customer Information, Issue and Due Dates
  3. Fill out all necessary fields and then add items from your inventory to the Item Description section and click Save
  4. If using a handheld scanner, you can click Enable Scanning Mode to scan an item and add it to the invoice
  5. Once saved, you have the option to change the Invoice Status to indicate if the invoice is in a Draft, Open, Overdue, or Paid status.
  6. Return to the main page of the Invoicing tab to see a list of your invoices

Connect to QuickBooks Online

Once you've created the invoice, you can connect to QuickBooks Online to send your invoices to your existing QBO account.

  1. Click on an invoice and select Connect to QBO
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to connect your existing QBO account.
  3. Once connected, you will see Manage QBO and Send to QBO options

Send Invoice to QBO

  1. Click on the Invoice and click Send to QBO
  2. Fill out the fields to match the information in your QuickBooks Online account and then click Send to QBO 
  3. A successful notification will appear, letting you know the Invoice has been sent 
  4. Navigate to your QBO account by clicking on the link at the top of the invoice
  5. You can also navigate directly to your QBO account > Sales > Invoices
  6. Once in the invoice, you will see that the information from Sortly has carried over
  7. If you need to make changes to the invoice, navigate back to your Sortly account, select the invoice, and click Edit
  8. Make the changes, click Save, and then Send to QBO. This will update the information in your QBO account. You can check the last 'sent to QBO' date and time as shown below


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