Sortly Pricing & Plan Information

Sortly offers three different plans based on users' needs. A full list of plans, pricing, and features are available here. Our paid plans are available both month-to-month or with yearly subscriptions. If you opt for a yearly subscription, you save 20% off the month-to-month cost.

Each paid plan (with the exception of promotional plan rates which are direct purchase) includes a 14-day trial of the product. You will receive a reminder email 3 days before your subscription is set to convert. On the day your trial expires, your plan will automatically convert to the plan you selected and you will be billed. You can downgrade or delete your account at anytime before this happens if you decide Sortly doesn't meet your needs.

Free Plan - Forever free for a single user with 100 entries included.

Advanced Plan - Priced at $49 month-to-month or $468 ($39/month) billed annually with 2,000 entries included.

Ultra Plan - Priced at $119 month-to-month or $1,188 ($99/month) billed annually with unlimited entries included.

Other pricing notes:

  • At this time, we are unable to offer additional discounts for non profits.
  • Each paid Sortly plan can support a total of 9 users before you are considered Enterprise level. Advanced plans include 3 users, and an additional 6 extra users are able to be added. Ultra plans include 5 users, and an additional 4 extra users are able to be added. Additional users are $3 per user / per month if you are on a month-to-month plan and $30 per user / per year if you are billed annually.
  • We are unable to offer custom plans or pricing at this time and additional entries are not able to be purchased a-la-carte.
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