Scan and Connect Existing QR Codes or Barcodes

Sortly streamlines inventory management for businesses by enabling users to connect existing barcodes or QR codes to their items within the app. By simply scanning the code, users can efficiently organize and track their inventory, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Scan and Connect

  1. Click on the Item and choose Link QR / Barcode
  2. Scan the existing code and click Link



Can I use my own weatherproof labels?

Yes! If you need specialized material labels such as waterproof or high-durability labels or asset tags, we suggest ordering them through our trusted partners at Camcode.


Can I scan any item?

Absolutely! Sortly’s scanning capabilities allow you to manage your inventory with ease and seamlessly scan a wide range of items, including those with preexisting inventory codes and third-party scanners.


Is this available on web and mobile? 

This will be exclusively available on iOS and Android devices.


What if the scanned results don’t match my item? 

Sortly connects with Amazon and eBay databases to offer you the most accurate results. If the results do not match your item, it’s likely that the item is not found through Amazon or eBay. If this occurs, you can either rescan the item or retain the original barcode and manually enter the item details.


Can I customize the scanning settings to prioritize certain types of items or sources?

At this time, scanning settings are not customizable. We continuously monitor customer feedback to enhance our features and may consider this for future iterations.


Can I still manually add items even if the results are accurate? 

Yes, you have the option to manually add item details, even if the scanning results are accurate.


Are there any additional costs associated with accessing or using this scanning feature?

No, this feature is available at no additional cost and is included in all of Sortly’s existing plans.


Video Walkthrough



If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our Support Team here.




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