How to create a custom field in Sortly?

You can create custom fields to track any item or folder related details in Sortly. Adding a custom field is possible only on the Desktop version of Sortly.

Note: Sortly Free plan users can add up to 1 custom field, Sortly Advanced plan users can add up to 10 custom fields and Ultra customers can add unlimited custom fields.

Steps to create a custom field

1. Go to the "settings" menu and click on "manage custom fields"



2. Then click on the "Add custom field" text on the top of the page



3. Select the field TYPE (see the 12 different types of custom fields types here). 



4. Enter the Field NAME as well as other optional details (depending on the type of field) and click Save. 

Note: You can also select if the field will be applicable only to items, folders or both.



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