Setting up individual or bulk alerts for item quantity (stock levels)

With Sortly, you can easily set up alerts on individual items or in bulk to notify you or your team when stock/item quantities hit a certain threshold (Eg: Low stock alerts). Alerts can be set up on the desktop or mobile app by following the steps below.

When setting up item quantity-based alerts, you can also manage who should be notified of the alert. And all current alerts that have been met will always be visible in the "alerts" section on the desktop app.  

Note: Setting up alerts is only possible with Sortly Advanced and Ultra plans. The Sortly Free plan and Sortly Plus legacy plan do not support alerts.

Setting up item quantity alerts on Desktop or Mobile App

1. In the item's "edit" mode, click on the "Bell" icon beside the item quantity field

Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-46-38.png Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-47-32.png


2. Next Select the conditions and threshold quantity

(Eg: Alert me when quantity is below - (5) or alert me when quantity is more than - (100))

Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-48-10.png Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-48-52.png


3. Lastly, choose who should be alerted

You can set alerts to yourself, all owners, all admins, all members OR select specific people to notify by choosing the "select people manually" option. 

Note: You cannot send alerts to a person who is not a user in your Sortly account.

Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-49-35.png Screenshot_at_Mar_07_13-50-19.png 

4. Press confirm to finish.

Setting bulk alerts for items

With the Sortly desktop app, you can set alerts for groups of items from the items page or from the Advanced search page. The process for both will follow the same steps.

Begin by highlighting your first item on the web. In the web experience, you will see a checkbox at the top left of the item, you will want to check that box. In the mobile app, you can do this by holding down the item until you see a little check over the image in the app. 


Once you have selected a group of items, the possible bulk actions will appear on your screen, please click "Set Alerts," as shown below:


Once you click "Set Alerts," a popup will appear that allows you to select which alert you are setting on the items. Click the field you wish to set the bulk alert for and press "continue."

Please note: If you do not have the fields filled in on some of the items, it will not give you the opportunity to set bulk alerts for those. You will need to add information to that item field and then set an alert for it.


You will proceed to a screen that indicates the type of alert you are setting and the number of items it's being set for. You can select the specifics of the alert here and select the individuals who should receive emails when the alert is met. Once this is done, click "confirm."


Once the alerts are set, you will return to the page you were last on, and you will now see the items have small bell icons next to them, indicating they have an active alert.


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