Webhooks via Sortly API

Sortly offers its Enterprise customers the option to use webhooks. Webhooks enable external web servers to receive notifications whenever specific events take place in Sortly. Instead of continuously checking the Sortly API for event updates, users can subscribe to certain events and receive event data through webhooks when those events occur.

To get started, please ensure that you have subscribed to an Enterprise plan. If you haven't subscribed yet and want to upgrade, please go to Settings → Plan & Billing and click on the “Talk To US!” button. If you need assistance, please get in touch with our Support Team here.

About Webhooks

Webhooks can be triggered whenever specific events are pushed out to a specific URL. For example, you can configure a webhook to trigger whenever:

  • An item or folder is created
  • An item or folder is edited
  • An item or folder has been moved
  • An item or folder has been deleted

Setting up Webhooks

To access webhooks, go to the settings panel and select the webhooks option: https://app.sortly.com/integrations/webhooks



Once Webhooks are installed, users may enter the URL to which they want us to send the event data. You may also select/deselect various events (depending on whether or not you want notifications) by toggling the checkboxes and then hitting Save Changes.

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