Integrate With Slack

Sortly Ultra and Enterprise users can integrate with Slack to receive notifications about changes to their inventory directly in a Slack channel. The following documentation will show how to install and use the integration.


To begin, please make sure you are subscribed to an Ultra or Enterprise plan; if you are not and wish to upgrade, please get in touch with for assistance. 


Once you are eligible to integrate with Slack, click the Slack option from the left-hand menu to start the process.

You will see the following option available:



Click Connect. This will take you to a new page where you will need to log in to your Slack account and approve permissions for Sortly. Please click Allow to allow the integration to be installed on your Slack team.

Once that is completed, return to the Slack Settings page in Sortly. The first thing you will need to do is select which channel will be receiving the Sortly updates. This will be a drop-down of your available channels in your Slack team; select the channel and Save Changes.

Next, toggle which event topics you want to hear about in Slack. These are the events that will trigger a post in your Slack channel. Once set, click Save Changes. You can always update these later.

The last step is to go to Slack, browse the channel you selected, and make sure the Sortly app is added to that channel. Do this by selecting the channel and clicking on the member list on the top right.

In the Integrations tab of the resulting dialog, make sure the Sortly app is added. If not, click Add Apps and select the Sortly app.

And there you have it- you're all set to go! If you have any issues at all, please reach out to


Using the Integration with Slack

The integration with Slack is very easy to use. Actions taken by you or your team members will be posted to the Slack channel you selected, according to the event topics you chose.

You will see the events posted as follows:

Again, if you have any questions or suggestions, or if something is not working correctly, please reach out to


Sortly Privacy Policy:


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