Microsoft Teams Integration

The Microsoft Teams integration with Sortly allows Ultra and Enterprise users to receive real-time inventory notifications directly in a Microsoft Teams channel. The following documentation will show how to install and use the integration.


To begin, please ensure you are subscribed to an Ultra or Enterprise plan; if you are not and wish to upgrade, please reach out to for help.

  1. Navigate to Settings in the side panel and select Microsoft Teams.
  2. Enter a Target URL in Step 1. For detailed step-by-step instructions, hover over the tooltip and follow the instructions described. Here is more information on setting this up: Create Incoming Webhooks.
  3. Toggle which event notifications you want to hear about in Microsoft Teams. These are the events that will trigger a post in your Teams channel. Once set, click Save Changes. You can always update these later.

Using the Microsoft Teams Integration

The Microsoft Teams integration with Sortly is very simple. Actions taken by you or your team members will be posted to the Microsoft Teams channel you selected, according to the event notifications chosen.

You will see the events posted as follows:

Again, if you have any questions or suggestions, or if something is not working correctly, please reach out to


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