Sortly API Overview

The Sortly API is a public API that we provide to our Enterprise customers. If you are unsure of your plan type, you can find that information here.

The API allows you to perform a very specific set of functions within your Sortly account. In the hands of your software developers, they can write simple software programs to communicate with objects in your Sortly account and automate tasks between other cloud-based applications.


This article can help answer some basic questions such as:

What is an API?

An API is a "software development toolkit" that provides software developers with the ability to perform a very specific set of functions within a cloud-based application. Almost all well-known websites and applications have their own APIs available for use. Examples include Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and

Where can I find my API Key?

To locate your API Key, navigate to the Settings tab in Sortly. From there, click on Public API (beta). Then, click on Create Key Pair to generate a unique API Key for your Sortly account.


Once you've clicked the Create Key Pair button, you will be shown the option to name the API Key and set an expiration date if you choose.



Once you click Create, you will be provided with your Public key and Secret key:


Please make a note of those keys and then click Close this window, I have a key pair.

You will now see the active API key in your Settings>>Public API as shown below:


If you need to Edit or Delete the API key, you can do so by choosing the option to the right of the active API key.

What sort of actions can be performed using the Sortly API?

You can perform a number of actions using the API. These include but are not limited to: Item changes, Units of measure, Custom Fields, and Alerts. For a full list of actions, please view our API Documentation here:

Can Sortly build this type of integration for me?

Currently, this is fully self-service and requires that you work with a developer in order to connect your current platform with Sortly.

What is the rate limit for the Sortly API?

You can make 1000 requests per API in a 15-minute window. Rate limit information is available in the HTTP headers of the API response.

How can I find out if certain software is able to be integrated with Sortly?

You would need to ask the software provider if they have an API available to their customers. Typically if a software provider offers an API, an integration between them and Sortly is possible. Please note: We cannot guarantee that all software providers' APIs will work with Sortly.


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