How to add a user or customer to Sortly

With Sortly Advanced or Ultra plans, you can give team members, employees, or customers limited or full access to your inventory.

Every new user must be assigned a role so they only interact with the inventory that is relevant to them. (Learn more about the 3 user roles here)

Note: Adding users and assigning permissions is only available with Sortly Advanced or Ultra plans. The Sortly Free plan does not support multi-user access.

See the video below:

Steps for adding a new user/customer

1. Go to the Settings section and select "Manage User" (


2. Click on "Invite User"



3. Add User details, Assign a Role, and click invite. (Learn more about the 3 user roles here)


4. The invited user will receive an email to log into Sortly and set up their password.


Run out of user slots? Add more Subscriptions:

To add more user slots follow the steps below

1. Click on the "Add More User Subscriptions" button on the page

2. Select the number of users and submit

Note: Each paid Sortly plan can support a total of 9 users before you are considered Enterprise level. Advanced plans include 3 users, and an additional 6 extra users are able to be added. Ultra plans include 5 users, and an additional 4 extra users are able to be added. Additional users are $3 per user / per month if you are on a month-to-month plan and $30 per user / per year if you are billed annually.



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