Adding, Deleting, and Managing Tags

Tags offer a versatile way to categorize your inventory, facilitating easy search and organization. While folders are typically arranged by location, tags allow you to group items based on other criteria, such as brand or color.

Here’s how you can utilize tags effectively:

Adding tags

Tags can be added through various methods:

Direct Input

When you add a tag directly to an item, it not only creates the tag for all items but also links that tag to the specific item. Conversely, adding a tag through the Tags menu adds it to your account without associating it with specific items.



Via the ‘Add Tag’ Button

From this view, you can also review all of your tags and remove tags from your system. If you remove a tag from the tags section, it will keep the item, but it will remove the tag on all items it was previously associated with. Once a tag is deleted, it cannot be recovered.



Deleting or Editing Tags

To edit an existing tag, simply hover over it and click on the pencil icon. Similarly, to delete a tag, hover over it and click on the trashcan icon. Currently, bulk deletion of tags is not supported.

Please note: Once a tag is deleted, it cannot be recovered.




Exporting Items with Tags

You can export items with tags easily from the Tags Tab in the same way you would from other tabs.

  1. Navigate to the Tags tab and select the tag(s) for which you want to generate a report. mceclip0.png

  2. Choose the items you wish to export, either individually or using the 'Select All' option. mceclip1.gif


  3. Click on Export and select your preferred format: CSV/Excel, PDF, or Dropbox. mceclip2.gif



You can read more about exporting items here: How to Export your Inventory


Managing Tags on the Mobile App

You can also manage tags conveniently through the Sortly mobile app:

  1. Open the app and click Menu, then Settings.
  2. Select 'Manage Tags' to view all tags associated with your account.
  3. Make adjustments to existing tags or review items linked to each tag.

For visual guidance, refer to the example provided below.


Video Walkthrough

You can view how to add tags to your items in the video below.


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