How to Add a Folder

Adding a folder in Sortly is very easy to do and is instrumental to manage your inventory as your items move through your workflow. Items do not need to be inside folders, but it makes organizing your inventory easier. This also gives you the ability to create reports based on what resides within a specific folder at any given time.

When you sign up for Sortly, we provide you with a number of example folders to get you started. You can delete these folders if they are unnecessary or customize them to your own needs if you want to keep them.


Adding Folders

To begin adding folders, navigate to on the web or by clicking the items icon in the mobile app.

Web Viewmceclip0.png


Mobile View


Once you are on this page, you will need to hover over the plus icon. This icon is at the top right of the Web version and at the bottom right of the Mobile version.


Then, you will see the following options: 

Web View



Mobile View



Select the option to Add Folder option. You will then be able to build out the folder with any relative information that you may want to include. This process is very similar to what you would see when adding an item for the first time.

Once you've clicked Add Folder, you will see the following settings: 

Web View




Mobile View


Here, you can fill out the fields as needed. You will also see any applicable custom fields available below.  Please note that Custom Fields will only show if they are specified as available to folders or items as folders. You can refer to this guide to get a further breakdown of custom fields. 


Adding Folders in Bulk

If you would like to add folders in bulk, you can refer to the Bulk Import article which allows you to use a prebuilt template we offer or you can use your own Excel file and import multiple items at one time. 


Video Walkthrough




Is there a limit to the number of subfolders?

Yes. The maximum number of folders and subfolders is limited to six.

For example, Under the All Items folder, there are five folders for a total of six:

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