How to Add Items

It's easy to add items to Sortly, whether you're using the web or mobile app. You can add items individually, scan a code, or use the Bulk Import feature for multiple items.


Adding Items on the Web

  1. From the Items tab or within a Folder, click Add Item
  2. Enter the details about the item.  
  3. The above image shows all the default fields added to the system that you can use to add details about the item. There are only two required fields: Item Name and Quantity. Outside of these fields, you can choose to add additional information or leave the other fields blank. 

    The fields that you will see by default are the following:

    • Item Name
    • Quantity
    • Min Level
    • Alerts (Bell icon)
    • Price
    • Value
    • Add images (up to 8 total images)
    • Item Variants
  4. If you'd like to add all of the Item Details at once, you can click the Show All Fields option:
  5. Click Add, and your item will be in your inventory!

Adding Items on the Mobile App

Add Items

  1. From the Items Tab, click the + sign in the bottom right and choose Add Item:
  2. Enter the details of the item including Item Name, Quantity, and any other information you'd like to include, and click Save in the upper right.

Add Items by Scanning

  1. From the Items Tab, click the + sign and then Add Item via Scan:
  2. The scanner will appear, and you can scan the code.
    1. If the code can be found on Amazon or eBay, Sortly will auto-populate the Item Details.
    2. If the code cannot be located, you can enter the Item Details manually.
  3. Once you have your Item Details entered, you can click Save in the upper right.

Note: Add Item via Scan supports standard barcodes only and not QR or Data Matrix codes. If you want to connect a QR code to an item, please add the item manually and then follow the instructions here


Video Walkthrough


Adding Items in Bulk

If you would like to add items in bulk, you can refer to the Bulk Import article, which allows you to use a prebuilt template we offer, or you can use your own Excel file and import multiple items at one time. 


Cloning/Duplicating Items

With Sortly, it's a breeze to duplicate (clone) individual items or entire folders using the desktop or mobile app. This handy feature makes adding inventory with the same specifications super quick and easy, so you can get things done faster and more efficiently.


When cloning an item, you will be able to:

  • Rename the item
  • Choose the number of clones
  • Choose to create unique Sortly IDs (SID) for each clone
  • Choose the location of the cloned item(s)

In the example below, we have an item with an expiry date set, but we received the same item with a different expiry date. 

  1. Click on the three dots and then choose Clone.
  2. From there, you can adjust the details of the item. If the item is exactly the same, we suggest removing (Copy).
  3. Once the clone is created, click Edit to add the unique Expiry Date.
  4. You will then see that you have 2 items nested under one with different Expiry Dates.






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