Can I delete or restore items and folders?

With Sortly, you never have to worry about fully deleting an Item/Folder as we retain a copy in your Trash. You can simply restore an Item/Folder from the trash and move it back into your inventory!

How to Delete an item or Folder

You can find the delete (trashcan) icon for any folder or item in the menu section. 

See the screenshots below for web and mobile versions.


  1. Click the vertical ellipsis (...) associated with the item/folder you wish to delete
  2. Select Delete from the dropdown options presented




How to Restore an Item or Folder (desktop only)

Sometimes, an item or folder is deleted in error that you want to make available in your inventory again. You can find all of your deleted items through the following link:

Simply access the Trash from this direct link: or by going to the items tab >> trash


Your folders and items will be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently deleted at the top. To restore a folder or item, hover over the item and select Restore here:


You will then be able to view that folder or item in your Sortly inventory.


Video Walkthrough



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