Quick Actions on the Sortly Mobile App


Quick Actions are a powerful tool for managing your inventory on the go. This feature gives you the ability to perform an instant action by scanning any barcode or QR label connected to your items.

Types of Quick Actions

  • Quick Quantity - Add quantity, subtract quantity, set quantity, edit quantity
  • Quick Move  - Instantly move an item to any folder (Acts like a check-in/out scanner)
  • Quick Tags - Add tag, Remove tag, Set tag
  • Clone - Duplicate item
  • Edit - Open edit screen
  • Delete - Delete item

How to Set a Quick Action

  1. From the Items Tab, Click the scanner icon in the top right
  2. Choose a Quick Action from the available options
  3. Once you choose an action, the scanner will activate and you can perform the action.
  4. If you need to add a new action, you can click the + sign and add additional quick actions. Then swipe between the actions at the bottom of the screen
  5. To exit the Quick Actions screen, click the X in the upper left corner


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