What are Sortly IDs (SID)?


What are Sortly IDs?

Sortly IDs are unique identifiers automatically assigned to all items within the Sortly ecosystem. They are similar to SKU numbers and help our system accurately track identical items across different folders.

They will be displayed in several spots across the web and mobile apps. You will also have the option to hide them if desired.

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Desktop View in List Mode:



Mobile View:




How will Sortly IDs affect you?

The only area impacted by Sortly IDs is the item "moving" experience.

Sortly IDs, also known as SIDs, have enabled us to provide you with an upgraded move experience called "SMART MOVE" which will significantly reduce manual errors and duplication when moving items between folders.

You don't need to choose "merge" items anymore. The system will automatically detect and merge similar items together but if it notices a difference in any item details, such as a different note, images, prices, etc. it will intelligently keep those items separate (while retaining the Sortly ID). 

It will also allow you to "leave the item in your folder with 0 quantity" if you are moving out all your items. We have also enabled this setting in the preferences panel which you can find here: https://app.sortly.com/company-details


What are the benefits of Sortly IDs?

Sortly IDs enable us to make your experience of managing and searching for items a lot more intuitive and seamless.

It will also allow us to give you a more accurate activity history as well as better search, filter, and sort results. 

Sortly IDs also lay the foundation to make integrations with external systems possible. 


How do I hide Sortly IDs?

Please view the screenshots below to see how to hide Sortly IDs on your desktop or mobile apps.


  1. Click the three lines in the top right
  2. Change the view to List
  3. Toggle the Hide SID button on or off



  1. Click the three dots in the upper right
  2. Then click Filter
  3. Then toggle the Hide SID button on or off







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