How do I find all items that do not have alerts set?

While you can create alerts based on a date or min level with many more coming soon, we also allow you to easy find what items do not currently have an alert set. This can be useful if you would like to set alerts in some form or fashion on all of your entries. Below we will walk you through how to find  items that currently do not have alerts set for them using the Advanced search.

Head over to the advanced search tab here:


From here, you will scroll down in the center field until you see the alerts tab:


You can easily select the filter for items with or without quantity alerts set. 

Quantity Alerts Definitions:

  • With Quantity Alerts set
    • This means that the item will have a min level set within it. 
  • Without Quantity Alerts set
    • This means that there is no alert set for the item within Sortly

If you would like to set an alert for items that do not currently have an alert, you will use the 'Without Quantity Alerts set' filter to first get your results. From here, you will hit the apply filters button at the bottom left of the page. This will generate the results for all of the items that do not currently have an alert set. 

Setting Bulk Alerts for Items

At this point, we make it very easy to set alerts in bulk using the select tool. To use the tool, you can hit the select button at the top of the page and choose what option you would like to use when selecting your items seen here: 


In this example, we will do the current page to select all items. From here, you will be able to see a new tab open up called bulk actions. You can see this here: 


You will then click on the set alerts option and follow the onscreen prompts to enable bulk alerts on all of the items that are missing alerts within the system. 


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