Summary Reports

Sortly provides two essential summary reports: Move Summary Report and User Activity Report, allowing you to efficiently track inventory movements and monitor user activities.


Move Summary Report

The Move Summary Report in Sortly enables easy tracking of inventory that has relocated between locations on a weekly or monthly basis. Users can filter movements based on origin and destination folders and define specific date ranges.

This report displays the following key information:

  • Origin Folder
  • Destination Folder
  • Items Moved
  • Quantity Moved
  • Value

To access the Move Summary Report, navigate to Reports > Move Summary.


From there, users can view all movements and drill down to specific folders or time ranges as needed.

In cases where an item has been moved to multiple destinations, users can conveniently view movement details for all destinations in a single view by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the item.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to swap views and modify origin and destination folders to suit their requirements.

User Activity Report

The User Activity Report provides a comprehensive summary of team members' actions within Sortly over a specified period, offering insights into various activities performed by users. This report, accessible to users in the Owner or Admin role, can be filtered by user and date range.

Key user activities captured in this report include:

  • Items Moved
  • Quantity Updated
  • Items Created
  • Items Deleted
  • Items Restored
  • Items Cloned
  • Items Merged

To access the User Activity Report, navigate to Reports > User Activity Summary. Within the report interface, users can gain an overview of all users and their total activity within the selected date range.


Further filtering options are available to refine the report by specific users, providing deeper insights into individual user contributions and actions within Sortly.


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