Troubleshooting App Issues + Crashes

At Sortly, we release app updates for feature releases and improvements as well as to resolve any issues with a prior app version. While we recommend having "auto-update" turned on for your apps so that you always have the most up-to-date release, we always encourage you to confirm in the app store what the most current version of the Sortly app is and ensure you are running it on your device.


If you do have the newest/most current version of the app are still experiencing an issue with your Sortly app crashing, there are a few recommended steps to take to ensure we get you back up and running quickly.


First, please head over to and confirm that all of your information is available from the desktop version of the software. This means that all data added from a phone or tablet device has successfully synced with our servers and is safe in the Sortly cloud.

If you can confirm all of your data is available at, please go ahead and delete and reinstall the app. We have found that this resolves the majority of issues that users are experiencing.

Links to correct apps:

iOS App:

Android App:

If your information is not available at, you will need to do a full sync of your items before you take any action including deleting and reinstalling the app. You can find the full list of instructions for syncing here. If you cannot perform a full sync and you are still encountering app issues, please reach out to us at, and we'll be happy to help!


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